Thatguys: the FAQ

Since starting this blog, we have received thousands of emails asking us questions, some insulting, some deep and some probing. However, most of these questions fall under the same category, so before emailing us read this FAQ and see if your query isn't dealt with here first. OK?

What is a FAQ?
It stands for Fat And Queer so if you are reading this you are probably fat and queer.

"That Guy's a Maniac" sounds familiar where is it from?
It comes from a little known game called No Tensua Yo Tengui Mutshashi Erendegrigi 4: Namatashi Go Yahentai Moritsuo. It is really rare, only three copies ever made it to America's shores, you probably won't get the reference or find anything about it on the internet, it is that rare.

You seem to be homophobic what's the deal?
Well, if you read TGAM, you'll see that no group of people is left unfocused on. Why did you specifically pick up on the gays? Is it because you always isolate homosexuals as distinct from "other people" or "normal people". Are you saying that gays aren't normal people? Is that what you are saying? Do they, as a group repulse you? If so, well that's pretty homophobic right there sunshine. If I were you, I'd get off the internet and start sorting out your little problem right there. Narrow minded brute. Alternatively, you could be gay, in which case, fuck off. People probably hate you for a number of reasons before they hate you for being gay. Stop using your sexuality as scapegoat for your other numerous misgivings.

What is That Guy's about?
Nothing really.

I love the way that all the comments are between themselves?
That's not even a question.

Dude, I found a... ummm certain... image on your site a while ago. Moreover, I can't find it again. Where is it?
For the last time Richie, it's here.

I don't like That Guy's a Maniac very much. What shall I do?
There are a number of things you can do. You can email us directly at or alternatively you could go back to your own inane blog and whinge about it. That way your fan base of perverted commentors will support you in the hope that if you ever met you might give them head. Meanwhile, our perverted commentors will do the same thing. After a while you'll get tired of feeling so depressed and then one day you'll realise that you have no friends in the real world, you love your blog more than your cat and that your life has pretty much gone downhill since moving to San Francisco. Later that day, after hours of soul wrenching tears you'll decide to end it. You'll get into the bath after drinking three bottles of red wine to give you the courage to do what you should have done after your last break up- 3 years ago. Then as your fingertips go wrinkly and the bath water gets cold you'll still be there holding the razor blade tantalisingly close to your wrists. It's then that you realise you are too pathetic to end your own tragic life so you just masturbate and then cry yourself to sleep. Feeling empty and alone. So alone.

You seem to hate blogging, bloggers and the blogosphere so why bother?
It's the easiest and cheapest way of suppressing desires to give up everything and trying to get into the games industry as an artist, journo or games designer. For two young women it's hard to get into the industry anyway. The other alternatives are to endlessly draw bad anime versions of female videogame characters showing kebab on deviant art or to endlessly trawl the WoW forums complaining about Blizzard. Also Blogger is a great way to store Zangief porn for viewing at work.

I don't understand the humour. I like satire and the odd chauvinistic joke but you guys are just immature?
Firstly, that's not a question. Secondly, if you don't understand the humour then fuck off. There's a lot more to life than complaining about things you don't understand. Go for a walk, try getting a boyfriend, chase your dreams. I think getting off the internet would be a good start for you. Seriously, nothing important happens here apart from the odd forwarded email scam.

Do you have boyfriends?
Yes yes, this question comes up all the times. Cunzy1 1 has been in a stable long-term relationship with a wonderful, wonderful woman, and Richie is married to perhaps the greatest man alive (himself) so sorry people go elsewhere for cyber sex. I hear Miss Bea from 90's magazine Playstation Pro will give head for gold.

Were you really in EDGE magazine?
Yep, check it out it's the April 2005 issue. A lot of people are surprised that that is what we look like in real life but hey, not everyone on the web is ugly.

The spelling on your site is really bad it's jarring and makes me think you two are 14 or something. What's the deal?
Jesus died on the cross so that we might have spelling and grammar and as you correctly point out our use of the American language is awful. To think that the news corps. focus on things like wars, genocide, the 9/11 tragedy and squirrels riding skateboards when right here, on the internet, of all places, someone is making spelling mistakes. The truth is that we were cursed by a teenage witch after Cunzy1 1 accidentally copped a feel in a Latvian nightclub. We've tried everything from crystal meth to voodoo priests but alas, the curse remains. It's a disability so please don't go on about it.

Why do you review a handful of really old games?
We are one of the hundreds of index sites used by, which feeds information about games back to development and publishing studios. In the industry, it has been shown that the most effective feedback is that from members of the public who have owned and played the game. Think about it, magazines and some of the better game sites get hands on previews and playable code often well before the game is finished or even scheduled for release. This then informs the journalista when they come to review the games. Quite often, they will review a game bearing in mind the previous versions and impressions of the game that they have had. This information is obviously of limited use to feedback to the games companies but it acts as a satisfactory way of giving the consumers a heads up about a soon to be released game. The most effective feedback comes from gamers who have bought the game in their own time be it on the release day to 5 years afterwards. Many of these gamers get to sit down with the game and their feedback can be used to effectively test replayability, how the game compares with contemporary and later releases and what parts of the game could stand the test of time. Capcom, Rockstar and Eidos, among others, all use this service to inform future projects. This information gathered from Livejournals, blogs etc. or submitted at their site is then used at a formative stage of future game development to produce better games. Through this service all the marketing bullshit is cut out and (relatively) the pure response by gamers can be judged. I would recommend everyone sign up to to influence the future production of games.

That guy's a maniac. Why'd he bite me?
Boredom possibly but also maybe he was just hungry. He certainly wasn't infected with a virus. No sir.